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Reimagine Accelerated Technology Competency

MindVectors is a Post Merger Technology Competency Accelerator.
We have dedicated our time to understanding what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building effective post merger IT organizations and accelerating innovation at fast-growing companies focused on M&A.
We will help you develop Ultimate Ownership of your Technology Competency. Ultimate Ownership will transform the way that you approach technology investments, set your goals and build your company's post merger IT capabilities
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Post Merger Technology Competency Accelerator

Reimagine Excellence

We will help you develop Ultimate Ownership of your Technology Competency to transform the way that you approach technology investments, set your goals and build your company's post merger IT capabilities.

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Technology Competency 

What does that mean? It means that all our solutions begin with understanding your essence and goals, so that all of our work embodies your vision, helps you target the right technology competencies and amplifies your investments. It means we are always exploring new frontiers, always innovating, with a focus on rational, targeted technology investments and capabilities build-out to derive maximum value from your post merger technology organization.

Get The Picture

Looking for a short injection of innovation? We share our understanding of current technology market trends, innovation practices and strategic development

Full Analysis 



Build It Fast

Design and build your new technology organization on the right process and technology foundation, driven by the right people 

Organizational Design

IT Service Delivery 


Make It Stick

Do you want to create sustainable IT innovation? We make sure your innovative efforts create long-term value.


Products and Prototypes

Operational Excellence


We Take You From Thinking
Models to Acting Digital

LogicalFactor Technology Competency helps you stay relevant and accelerate your merger traction by utilizing the right technologies and IT strategy for transformation, business results amplification and efficient operations.

Design. Build. Supercharge.

LogicalFactor is committed to designing and helping investor-owned companies build holistic technology organizations that support business objectives, provide efficient operational services and enable sustainable competitive advantages. We also help you build the right leadership teams and management systems to operate them efficiently.

Technology Strategy and Roadmaps

An effective technology strategy acts as a guiding light for the business, as well as an objective measure by which to evaluate technology decisions.

Organizational Design

Building the right structure, recruiting the best talent in a competitive market, enabling them to achieve amazing results.  We make it look easy!

IT Service Delivery

In today’s age of information overload, we’ve always been attracted to finding better ways to simplify the delivery of IT Services.

IT Management Systems

We take pride in designing and implementing a fully-integrated, proven IT management system including all of the right metrics, reporting, communication channels and oversight structures.
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Financial Management

Strong financial discipline and oversight is an integral part of establishing an effective technology organization.  We build a strong financial foundation.

Technology Org MVP

From prototype to the full-scale Technology Services platform, we provide you with an IT organizational "starter pack" that is specific to your business goals and existing technology context.

What Makes Us


As a team with extensive experience designing, implementing and operating technology organizations for companies owned by Private Equity Funds, financed by Venture Capital or growing by serial M&A, we have practical, hands-on experience creating effective technology competencies that enhance your business advantages.
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Private Equity Funds

Venture Capital

We have worked with multiple blue-chip PE firms to perform target technology due diligence, assess the technology competencies of new portfolio companies, create winning strategies and assist with building and operating enhanced IT capabilities.
Early-stage VC portfolio companies need to get the basics of technology in place ASAP so that they can focus on market discovery, product market fit and scaling.  We can take the guess work out of putting together the basics of your technology organization following best practices for digital product innovation and operational IT.
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Serial M&A

We help you quickly understand the level of IT maturity and efficiency of the organizations that you acquire.  We then align, plan, design and implement a rationalized, effective and high-performing technology organization tailored to the needs of key business stakeholders.

Internal Technology Innovation

We don't believe in the cookie-cutter approach to any of our innovation solutions. We always deliver technology innovation centers that are custom engineered around our client's needs, business processes, and allow them to digitally innovate across the organization.

Let's work together

We're passionate about innovation, brilliant ideas and the execution that brings it all together to deliver outstanding results.  If you are too, call or send us an email to get started.
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